Camping Dad Classic Shirt

Camping Dad Classic Shirt

The last time I was in a Broadway theater was in January, seeing one of the Camping Dad Classic Shirt moreover I will buy this final performances of Jeremy O. Harris’s Slave Play. This spring, I was looking forward to seeing the musicals Six and Caroline … or Change, the revival of How I Learned to Drive and the return of The Lehman Trilogy. Now, I don’t know when I will go to a Broadway theater or when audiences, in general, will feel safe being inside one, jammed up against each other in cramped seats or snaking around the lounge to get inside the bathrooms. Not exact the platonic ideal of social distancing. But if this live-streamed, magical performance of Lips Together, Teeth Apart, is a glimpse of what the future of theater looks like at least for now then count me in.

Camping Dad Classic Shirt

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