Camping Grandpa Shirt

Camping Grandpa Shirt

For Los Angeles-based skin guru Shani Darden the Camping Grandpa Shirt and I will buy this facialist behind the otherworldly glows of Jessica Alba and Kelly Rowland, sticking to her regular regime is key. I’m keeping my same dedicated routine every day and focusing on treatment products and devices I don’t always have enough time to use, she explains. I’ve been using my Deesse Mask every single morning to boost collagen [and] to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, she says. It’s a relaxing routine for me every morning to keep myself centered. Lastly, Darden relies on her trusty lifting NuFace device. Microcurrent is one of my favorite treatments to tone, tighten, and lift the skin, she says. When used consistently, the results are amazing, so I’ve been diligent about using it as often as I can.

Camping Grandpa Shirt

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